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100 for £100 Coaching Sessions

It was my birthday on Monday and I had an idea. I wanted to give something to my readers and mailing list subscribers as a bit of a deal to celebrate. It was inspired by my business coach who always has great ideas on how to give abundantly. I’ve been talking to lots of people […]

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Why I Love Being In The Deep End Of A Shallow Pool

I saw someone share this video on Facebook this morning and it took me right back to the reason I do what I do. Some see the beauty and fragrance industry as a “shallow pool” if you like and I know what we all do goes much deeper than what you may see on the […]

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NYC Adventures

Today’s post comes from The Refinery Hotel in NYC where me and the mister are on holiday for our 17th anniversary.  One of the things that really struck me about the first part of our USA adventure is branding and how, when a company gets it right it just adds a little extra something to […]

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The Cost Of Perfume Part 5 Brand Positioning

In part 1 of this series about the costs that go into creating a perfume we looked at the ingredients. In part 2 we looked at packaging, part 3 the marketing campaign and part 4 distribution. Today we are looking at the final bit of the puzzle and that is: Brand Positioning I would probably […]

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Why trying to do everything achieves nothing – a confession

How’s your week going? Mine’s going well except I have a confession – I haven’t written the blog post I said I was going to. Part 5 of my series “The Cost Of Perfume” just hasn’t happened and here’s why. Do you ever have those weeks where you think you’ve been really productive but instead […]

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What Does It Take To Create A Perfume Brand

Here are the links to my series “The Cost Of Perfume” on one handy page Part 1 – Ingredients Part 2 – Packaging Part 3 – Marketing Part 4 -Distribution Part 5 – Brand Positioning

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An Introduction To Perfumery – Free Online Class

At the end of last year I did a small test launch of my online perfumery course which went very well indeed and I currently have a lovely group of budding perfumers in the private FaceBook group. I’ve tested running it over several weeks and also giving everyone immediate access to all the materials at […]

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Les Senteurs

The Cost Of Perfume – Part 4 Distribution

In part 1 of this series about the costs that go into creating a perfume we looked at the ingredients. In part 2 we looked at packaging and part 3 the marketing campaign. Today I’m going to look at something that may or may not apply to a small fragrance brand but is definitely something […]

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The Cost Of Perfume Part 3 – Marketing

In part 1 of this series about the costs that go into creating a perfume we looked at the ingredients and in part 2 we looked at packaging. Today I’m going to delve into something that is a huge chunk of “where the money goes” for most large brands but can also be true for […]

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bel antonio

The Cost Of Perfume Part 2 – Packaging

In today’s look at what contributes to the price of a fragrance, niche or otherwise I’m going to talk about: Packaging In an industry that has thousands of new launches a year it can be difficult for a brand to be heard above the noise of those with the biggest budgets and the most outrageous […]

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