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Why trying to do everything achieves nothing – a confession

How’s your week going? Mine’s going well except I have a confession – I haven’t written the blog post I said I was going to. Part 5 of my series “The Cost Of Perfume” just hasn’t happened and here’s why. Do you ever have those weeks where you think you’ve been really productive but instead […]

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What Does It Take To Create A Perfume Brand

Here are the links to my series “The Cost Of Perfume” on one handy page Part 1 – Ingredients Part 2 – Packaging Part 3 – Marketing Part 4 -Distribution Part 5 – Brand Positioning

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An Introduction To Perfumery – Free Online Class

At the end of last year I did a small test launch of my online perfumery course which went very well indeed and I currently have a lovely group of budding perfumers in the private FaceBook group. I’ve tested running it over several weeks and also giving everyone immediate access to all the materials at […]

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Les Senteurs

The Cost Of Perfume – Part 4 Distribution

In part 1 of this series about the costs that go into creating a perfume we looked at the ingredients. In part 2 we looked at packaging and part 3 the marketing campaign. Today I’m going to look at something that may or may not apply to a small fragrance brand but is definitely something […]

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The Cost Of Perfume Part 3 – Marketing

In part 1 of this series about the costs that go into creating a perfume we looked at the ingredients and in part 2 we looked at packaging. Today I’m going to delve into something that is a huge chunk of “where the money goes” for most large brands but can also be true for […]

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bel antonio

The Cost Of Perfume Part 2 – Packaging

In today’s look at what contributes to the price of a fragrance, niche or otherwise I’m going to talk about: Packaging In an industry that has thousands of new launches a year it can be difficult for a brand to be heard above the noise of those with the biggest budgets and the most outrageous […]

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The Cost of Perfume Part 1 – Ingredients

A question that’s come up a few times this week is how much of the cost of a perfume relates to the fragrance itself and does more expensive equal better quality.  Does a niche fragrance cost more because the ingredients are better quality or is it just hype? There is no easy answer to this as […]

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The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Something to think about for 2014? A friend shared this with me on Facebook today and the timing was perfect – something for us all to think about as we head into a new year. I did the exercises in the video (takes 7 minutes) and found it really helpful in clarifying my direction for […]

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Sydney Perfumery Adventures

On my recent trip to Sydney I had the good fortune to connect with the lovely Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies. We had a fab lunch and perfume smellathon of some niche Australian fragrances in the members room at The Art Gallery of New South Wales Portia has reviewed my new book PERFUME: The Art […]

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cleansing balm

My Skincare Routine

People always ask me what products I use and “do I always make my own” – the honest anwer is no not always and not every product. When it comes to skincare you may think I have loads of products I use but I’m a complete minimalist at heart and my philosophy for skincare is […]

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