Perfume Classes in London UKWhy not come to one of my live practical perfumery classes in London.  I have a range of options from a 1 day Natural Perfumery class, a full practical weekend where we also study the building blocks of commercial and niche fragrances and a full 5 day class where we create a perfume each day from one of the main fragrance families.

All classes are suitable for beginners or more advanced students and they are designed to follow on from each other or as stand alone workshops.

Many people buy the one day natural perfumery class as an original gift (instead of a bottle of perfume) for a loved one or as a treat for themselves.

All my classes are very in depth with lots of industry insider tips as well as lots and lots of hands on practical experience. Many students who have done classes with other teachers and are still stuck find that even after the 1 day class it all makes sense and falls into place.  I tend to tailor each day to the experience level of the group so each class is a unique experience.

1 Day Natural Perfumery Class

The 1 day Natural Perfumery class takes place in the beautiful scent salon at les senteurs in London so not only will you be using high quality natural materials to make your own perfume, you will have lots of niche fragrances to smell for inspiration.

The day will start with learning how to smell properly and training your nose like a professional. This is a really important step before you start creating. I will demystify fragrance families for you and reveal how a fragrance is blended with top middle and base notes.

You will learn how to create accords with a palette of natural materials including precious oils of Rose, Jasmine and Neroli and then blend them into a finished fragrance which you will take away with you in a 30ml atomiser bottle.

Come along with lots of imagination and a refreshed nose as you will be smelling and blending lots!

This class has been attended by men and women from all walks of life from fashion designers to neuroscientists and accountants to beauty business owners. All levels are welcome especially those with no prior fragrance experience – this is a beginners level class but very in depth. You will also take away a set of comprehensive handouts and resources to buy materials should you want to take things further.

Although we will be working with naturals only on the day I will talk a bit about the role of synthetic materials and have some on hand to smell if you wish – so feel free to bring your questions along.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

1 Day Natural Perfumery Class SEPTEMBER 2016

Time: 10am to 5pm
Date: Saturday 10th September, 2016
Venue: Regents University London (Regents Park Campus)
Cost:  £195
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Artisan Perfumery Weekend

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and join me for a weekend of artisan perfumery at a luxury country house hotel in the heart of England's New Forest?

We will spend 2 days at this luxurious venue surrounded by nature to spark your creativity and get away from it all.

You will leave inspired and refreshed with a bottle of your own fragrance creation plus the knowledge to create your own beautiful artisan perfumes at home.


This weekend workshop in artisan perfumery will give you the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of how a fragrance is created using both natural and synthetic materials.

For those of you who’ve done a 1 day class it’s the perfect follow on but it is also a stand alone class so no experience is necessary as there will be plenty of time for theory, my personal guidance and practical experimenting. In this class we will be using a combination of natural materials and aromachemicals (although you can stick to just naturals if you wish) to create your own unique fragrance. There will be a full day of practical and lots of materials to use so if you have a specific project in mind this is the perfect place to either start work on it, tweak it with my help or finish off something you have started but are struggling to finish.

London Perfumery Weekend ClassYou will have plenty of hands on experience and have the opportunity to create your own fragrance using the materials provided. This class can be attended as a follow on from the Introduction to Perfumery Class or as a stand alone workshop

All materials and equipment are provided and no previous experience is necessary. All you need is imagination and a love of perfumery.



Topics Covered

  • The key materials used in perfumery today - including the most used aromachemicals
  • An overview of the fragrance industry - 100% fluff free info on how it REALLY works
  • Building your olfactory vocabulary - How to describe and memorise your materials
  • The different methods of creating a finished fragrance - simplifying your perfume making
  • Practical perfumery techniques - tools to take away and apply to your own creations

By the end of this 2 day course you will:

  • An understanding of the different ways a fragrance is created
  • Learned how to recognise and describe different notes in a fragrance
  • Discovered a quick and easy way of building accords and finished fragrances
  • Created your own fragrance (or two if you have time) using a combination of naturals and synthetics

Not Sure which class to choose?

During this class we will have plenty of time to study many natural and synthetic raw materials used in perfumery today. To get the most from this weekend you may wish to attend the Introduction To Perfumery one day first but it is not necessary. Due to the diverse nature of students that attend my classes they often vary each time I teach, depending on the group’s needs and although the classes are always very structured there is always time to include individual questions and goals.

This class runs over two days to enable as much practical work as possible without it feeling rushed. We will be using a lot more materials than in the one day class and the introduction of synthetic materials will enable you to create a much wider range of fragrances than using naturals alone. If you already attended classes but wish to experiment with more materials or work on a specific project then this class will also be ideal for you.

It is possible that there may be a material that you particularly want to use – please let me know at the time of booking and I will do my best to bring it along.

Artisan Perfumery Weekend
10am to 5pm each day
Date: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July 2016
Venue: Rhinefield House
Cost:  £597  (or £994 for 2 tickets if you bring a friend)
Price includes all materials, lunch and refreshments. Accommodation is not included but can be booked direct with Rhinefield House.
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The Art & Technology of Perfumery 5 Day Intensive Course with Perfumersworld

I am really excited to be hosting this workshop in London for Stephen and the Perfumer’s World Team for the 5th year running!
Read more about the course HERE

Workshop price includes lunch every day and refreshments, all materials PLUS a free copy of the fantastic Perfumer’s World Software! (I use this myself and it is invaluable)

“PerfumersWorld” will be holding a 5 day workshop in The Art and Technology Of Perfumery in London, UK for a small group of participants commencing Monday 12th September 2014 through Friday 16th September 2016, 10 am to 5pm.

Mr.Stephen V. Dowthwaite (a perfumer with 40+ years experience) and the PerfumersWorld Team will present the course

5 Day  Art & Technology of Perfumery with Perfumersworld 2016
Time: 10am to 5pm
Date: Monday 12th to Friday 16th September 2016
Venue: London The Mary Ward Centre
Cost:  £850  (discount for 2 or more places applied at checkout)
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Payment plan available: CLICK HERE

I loved doing Karen Gilbert’s perfume class. Karen has brilliant knowledge from a previous career working with scent and how to combine them to create a personal perfume that no one else will have. Karen has a relaxed and friendly teaching style. There is nothing not to like about doing this course. - Deborah, Deborah Green Acupuncture
What I loved about the workshop is that it was all hands on – from smelling classic perfumes, comparing different top, middle and base notes, to blending our own bespoke scents. Getting to smell oils and essences that I knew the names of but had never smelled individually – such as musk and ambergris – was fascinating. - Geraldine, Horsham, West Sussex
Karen’s perfume class was lots of fun. She is very knowledgable and could answer all our questions. Karen has a very pleasant and easy teaching style and was good at keeping us all focused. We were able to all make our own solid and spray perfumes with Karen’s expert help on hand. What’s not to like. I have taken other classes with Karen and thoroughly recommend this class and all her classes – I had a wonderful time. - Lynn P, London (Attended the 2 day artisan perfumery workshop)