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My mission is to simplify & demystify the fragrance creation process for anyone who wants to make their own perfume.

Contrary to what the industry tells you, you can become an artisan perfumer and create perfumes for yourself OR to launch a perfumery business – without elite industry training or years of struggling alone wading through the conflicting information on the internet!

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Online from anywhere in the world OR
In–Person at my Scent Studio in The New Forest

Online from anywhere in the world OR In–Person at my Scent Studio in The New Forest

The Artisan Perfumery Mastermind

This best selling online perfumery training has helped independent artisan perfumers worldwide to get started, become more confident in their perfumery skills and launch their own perfumes.
This programme runs over the course of 1 year and can be studied at your own pace. It comes with membership to a private Facebook group with live Q&A sessions and is the only place to get my ongoing 1 to 1 help without becoming a private client

Other ways to learn perfumery with me

In-Person Studio Classes

Join my 1 or 3 day perfume making classes at my perfume studio in the New Forest, UK

Online Perfume Masterclasses

My short introductory masterclasses are a great quick way to get started in perfumery

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Learn to make perfume at home with my bestselling book full of natural perfumery tips
Anytime I run into a roadblock, I know Karen can help answer questions
Anytime I run into a roadblock, I know Karen can help answer questions
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When I started the course in 2017, I knew borderline nothing about fragrance, other than the fact that I was hugely interested by it. I learned a lot about botanical ingredients during the course, since that’s the starting point of getting familiar with aroma chemicals. It was a great jumping off point as I slowly began to expand my knowledge of and experimentation with more manmade ingredients. I launched my first scent in late 2017 and am continuing to expand the product line as I learn more about what my clients do (and don’t) like. Anytime I run into a roadblock, I know Karen and the Facebook group can help answer questions.”

Your method for creating accords gave me a bunch of confidence
Your method for creating accords gave me a bunch of confidence
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While going through the first module and listening to this group, one thing that happened immediately is the fog of mystery that surrounds this industry is being blown away. This is a big deal because even though I’ve been selling fragrances that I’ve purchased from others for years now, it hasn’t crossed my mind until recently that I can create them for myself. It’s interesting what a change in thinking can lead to. The act of peeling back the curtain on how fragrances are crafted and brands are made will lead to an explosion of artistic and creative expressions.

Karen has a knack of putting the complexities of perfumery into plain English
Karen has a knack of putting the complexities of perfumery into plain English
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The big plusses about Karen’s course are that you are able to beam into not only the course material forever but also access her Facebook live Q&A sessions. The live Q&A sessions {in the Artisan Perfumery Mastermind} were invaluable. I would always pick up tips and gems of advice from other folks’ questions too. I can honestly say that without having her patience and support and the constant support online through her course Facebook group, I wouldn’t have got near to my dream of my own brand. Having access to Karen and her world can give you the roadmap to succeed in your personal perfumery goals


Meet Karen

I love sharing what I know and have the unique background of having worked both inside the fragrance industry as well as inside the natural skincare industry since 1990.

I have developed and delivered training for companies as well as my own students and built 2 profitable business both on and offline. I have no affiliation with any company and I will always be 100% transparent and truthful – no fluff guaranteed!

Over the years I’ve trained a huge variety of people from all walks of life in fragrance creation. From buyers for huge brands, fragrance professionals, retail staff, bloggers, journalists, small business owners, aromatherapists, herbalists, fashion designers, artists, accountants, and the odd neuroscientist – most were complete newbies to perfumery.


Here are some of the most common questions I get asked from people who want to make perfume and are just getting started. Making perfume takes a bit of study and practice but with a bit of guidance you can create your own bespoke fragrance.

How to make perfume: A beginners guide

Maybe tiy don’t know where to start or you have started but keep getting overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to learn. In this post I share 3 things you need to focus on to get started making perfume.

Diluting perfumery materials guide

I get a lot of questions around the topic of how to dilute materials before use when making perfume so I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to the topic. It this article I cover all the aspects of diluting.

Top, middle and base notes in perfumery

I always get asked lots of questions about the terms Top, Mid and Base notes in perfumery as they cause a lot of confusion in modern perfumery. In today’s post I’m going to demystify that a bit for you.