During this intensive 5 day course we will study each fragrance family in depth and create a fragrance each day. The classes will be a blend of theory and practise using a wide range of materials used in commercial perfumery.
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Les Senteurs Scent Salon
Les Senteurs Scent Salon

We will start each day by looking at a selection of iconic fragrances that define the particular fragrance family. We will will then study the materials that are essential to each category and select ways of accessorising them to create an original twist. You will then create your own version of that particular fragrance type.

Over the 5 days we will cover:

By the end of the 5 days you will have:

 This is a hands on practical course in which you will be working with both naturals and synthetic materials to create a wide range of fragrances. It will be very intensive with a mixture of theory and practical creative blending. This course is aimed at all levels of experience and the individual practical work will be tailored to your own needs. Complete beginners can work to a formula if they wish and more advanced students can create their own fragrances from scratch.

 All materials and extensive course notes are included and each student will be given their own set of scales to use for accuracy.

Dates & Booking

16 Responses

  1. Hi Karen. Is it possible for one to order a Perfumers Book to study with at the time being?

  2. Thank you very much. I’ll try attend the 1 week course in london this September then I’ll try by all means to head-on to Thailand

  3. Thanks Karren but Is the Art and Technology Of Perfumery 2weeks professional workshop held also in london or is it in Thailand only?

  4. Hi Casim
    Unfortunately there is no official qualification to become a perfumer, it is like painting – an art that takes many years to master fully. However we do issue a certificate of participation and the course that we are running in September is a foundation course from Perfumersworld who also run a 2 week professional course so I would recommend you attend this http://www.karengilbert.co.uk/the-art-and-technology-of-perfumery-workshop


  5. Hi Karen. I was wondering if one will qualify to be a perfumer after the Masterclasses and do you issue an International Perfumery Certificate?

  6. Hi Maxine

    I have just updated the booking page with cut off dates. For the 5 Day it is 29th January


  7. Hi Karen,

    I live in Italy and am thinking about doing your 5-day intensive course. I’d prefer to do it in installments but need to know if there’s a cut off date for sending my first payment i.e. signing up.

    Thank you,

  8. Hi Laura

    It really depends on the demand and my work schedule. At present I am only planning one 5 day in April 2013.


  9. Hi Karen, i am from Colombia and i am very interested in your courses.
    I wanted to know if you will offer this course of 5 days he next summer 2013?

  10. Hi Clare
    I haven’t got any dates planned yet but sign up to the mailing list & I’ll keep you informed.

  11. Dear Karen,

    I’m interested to attend to your 5 day perfumery Masterclass, however these dates are too soon and I can’t book days off from work, have you planned other dates for this year so I can plan in advance?



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