Many people study my perfumery course online as they have been recommended by a friend or they have themselves recommended my classes to others.  You may also have your own blog or even facebook page where you have written a review of a course, class or book.  I really appreciate all of the lovely things people say about my teaching and this is a way of me saying thank you.

If you have a blog already or do online marketing then you may be familiar with affiliate programmes – where you get paid a commission for recommending a product.  If you have not come across them before then the text below will hopefully explain everything.

If you have already written about one of my classes on your blog you can simply sign up and drop your individual affiliate code into your article, then if someone decides to sign up to the online course via your link you will get paid 30% of the course price.  That works out over $200 for every place you sell through your link.

You can even use the code to recommend the course on Twitter or Facebook if you don’t have a blog or send it in an email to a friend.

Do let me know if you have any difficulty.

Click HERE to sign up as an affiliate.