I have the good fortune to hang out once a month on a Friday with a fabulous group of women  The Creation Team

Yesterday was our monthly meeting and summer BBQ which was hosted by the fabulous Judith Morgan and included a blessing of her garden office which is now officially known as the Abundance Shed.  After saying a few words we were asked to pick an angel card for ourselves, if you don’t know these are little cards with just one word on them.

I picked Authenticity.

This was quite appropriate as I have been having a huge number of conversations recentlywith friends and colleagues about my need to be authentic in everything I do.

Authenticity to me is being the real you, whoever that is, and sticking to your guns about it. For me its about being authentic to yourself and not  to how you think you should be. Let me clarify:

Sometimes we have to make compromises in our business and personal lives which leads us to feel that we are not being “real”. We sometimes feel we have to put on a persona to fit in with our business profile or niche of what we think people expect us to be. For example I am teaching people about making natural beauty products but I have bright pink hair (which is obviously not natural)- does that mean I am not being authentic? I don’t think so.

In being yourself you will attract those to you who find you interesting and like you. Those who make judgements based on you not fitting into a perceived stereotype will fall away or not find you in the first place.

Be Authentic, Be Real , Be Yourself



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