To say I’ve traveled a lot this year is an understatement. For someone who hates flying I’ve certainly racked up more than a few longhaul airmiles and have got really good at flinging things last minute into a suitcase. Luckily my minimalistic beauty routine has really come into it’s own.

People are always surprised that for someone who loves skincare, fragrance and beauty and has been in the industry for a couple of decades I really don’t use many products and my make up bag is tiny.

sixties flight Air travel has lost much of the glamour that it once had – taking off shoes, belts and jewellery to go through security means if you want to look stylish you must keep it simple. Holey mismatched socks will be on show so be prepared unless of course you don’t care which is fine too 😉

So here’s what I learned this year:

1. I now have a flying outfit that has worked every time for long haul: Leggings, drapey tunic top, drapey cardigan, soft boots, new socks, no jewellery. For clothing think All Saints jersey pieces or similar. This is my most worn flight item this year

2. If you have a long haul take a pair of leggings and a t-shirt to change into to sleep, even on a flat bed in business class you will get hot and feel gross when you wake up. Keep your clothes fresh for your arrival.

3. You need to make the most of a tiny sandwich bag for your beauty products so pick wisely – if necessary decant your products into tiny pots.

4. I’m not usually a fan of skincare wipes for regular use as you don’t get a proper cleanse but they are essential for travel. Use to remove make up if you are wearing any after take off and then again before you land.

5. In your liquids sandwich baggie pack: toothpaste (I prefer Aloe Dent Fluoride free), eye drops (pack 2 of these), In flight hydrating treatment (I love either Decleor Essential Night Balm or Nourish Argan Skin Rescue, Eye Cream (I love Kale Biomimetic Anti-Ageing Eye Cream), Mascara (I have used Max Factor Masterpiece for years) , Lip Balm (Always used Carmex since I trained as a make up artist), Tinted Moisturiser (Laura Mercier is the best, Highlighting Concealer (I use this as it is similar but better value than Touch Eclat) Dry Shampoo (old favourite Batiste do small travel sizes, Deodorant, Perfume (keep it light and fresh and take a sample size)

6. In your regular make up bag pack: Facial Wipes, Pressed Powder, toothbrush, eyeshadow palette in neutral shades or just a smudgy eye pencil, powder blush (if you can be bothered).

7. If you are in economy and don’t get a freebie amenity kit also pack earplugs and an eye mask

8. If you have trouble sleeping bring Valerian tablets (do not drink alcohol with them)

9. Try to drink water rather than alcohol but I find a glass of wine or two knocks me out (no judgement here!) especially on a flight with crying children.

10. Set your clock to destination time as soon as possible and avoid checking the time at home (knowing it’s 4am where you came from is a recipe for jetlag)

Happy Travels!





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