Elderflower Champagne Recipe

Ok so it’s not strictly related to perfume making but since moving to The New Forest I’ve been more interested in the various ways we can use the scented plants in our hedgerows. Each year I make a batch of sparkling elderflower champagne. Elderflower is a bit of a weed and grows rampantly if left […]

How To Make Perfume: A Guide For Beginners

The chances are that you are here because you want to learn how to make perfume. BUT…. you either don’t know where to start or you have started but keep getting overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to learn. This overwhelm means you either don’t start or you end up going around in […]

Thoughts on COVID-19 and how to navigate difficult times

This is an email I sent yesterday to my list. It’s also a long one so grab a cuppa and settle in. I hope it helps. I probably see the world differently to many people. I’ve spent decades working on my own personal and spiritual development and I’m a lifelong learner who likes to study […]

7 Steps To Launching Your Perfume Brand

Creating a perfume is the first step but what happens whenyou want to start selling your creations? 20 years ago, it would have been a hugely costly businesswith most brands advertising on TV, billboards and glossy magazines – way outof the reach of small artisan companies. Thankfully now we have Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest plus […]

Brand Showcase – Fairy Scents

Interview with Valentina Slavova of Fairy Scents on how she explored her love of natural materials with her aromatherapy training and progressed to creating a natural perfumery line in her native Bulgaria. Before joining my Artisan Perfumery Mastermind Valentina first came to my 1-day Natural Perfumery Masterclass here in the UK and talks about how […]

Brand Showcase – Olsuss

Interview with Sonia Reisin of Ölsüss on how she progressed from creating glycerine soaps to opening a skincare boutique and has now added candles, sprays, and diffusers to her range since completing the Artisan Perfumery Mastermind programme. Sonia joined my Artisan Perfumery Mastermind in 2017 and has also found the confidence to offer a perfumery […]

Sustainable Perfumes; Natural vs Synthetic

What ingredients should we be avoiding in perfume? It really depends on the individual. There is a tendency to equate synthetic with bad and natural with good but its a bit more complex than that. The dosage makes the poison and so it really depends on how much perfume you use, where you use it […]

Creating Feelgood Fragrances

Today I was thinking about where this whole perfumery business fits into an increasingly uncertain world. It doesn’t matter where you look or what country you live in, there is some seriously unsettling stuff going on. At times like this, I’m often prone to thinking “what’s the point of writing about making perfume?” “Surely I […]

The story behind the Perfumersworld Summer School

Every year since 2012 I have had the pleasure of hosting The Art & Technology of Perfumery 5 day foundation course with Perfumersworld. I met Steve & Ryan in the same year when I decided to step out of my own business and immerse myself in someone else’s classes for 3 weeks. I stepped back […]