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I want to be a Perfumer – Getting into the Fragrance Industry

In today’s post I want to address the 3 questions I get asked the most. They are: “How do I get into the fragrance industry?” “I want to be a perfumer, where do I start?” “Will your course make me a qualified perfumer?” The answer to all of them is “it depends” so I’ll try […]

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Are 100% Natural Fragrances Proper Perfume?

One of the things that frustrates me about the perfume industry is the belief that using 100% natural materials is not “proper perfumery” I remember working for a big fragrance company in the 1990’s when all the supermarkets were launching “aromatherapy” lines and becoming so disillusioned I wanted to quit. I wanted to quit because […]

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You can make your own perfume

Do you ever get that feeling when you are full of ideas and creative energy but you get stuck because you have some bits of knowledge missing? You know how you want it to be but no matter how hard you try you just can’t get it to work. It’s frustrating, I know! I have […]

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Perfumery Materials For Beginners

I often get asked what materials to buy as a starter kit for beginning perfumery and although there are many companies who do kits I’d suggest that you don’t go all out and buy everything right away. Perfumery is an expensive business and I know only too well that you can buy lots of things […]

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Top Middle and Base Notes in Perfumery

I always get asked lots of questions about the terms Top, Mid and Base notes in perfumery as they cause a lot of confusion in modern perfumery. It was much simpler in the old days when perfumers were creating in a classic pyramid structure and not using the vast quantities of “linear” aroma chemicals they […]

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Naturals versus Synthetics in Perfumery

Naturals versus Synthetics in Perfumery

The thing I most often hear from people is that they hate synthetic fragrances and only like natural ingredients – this is followed by a description of their favourites which nine times out of ten are full of non natural materials. It’s not the fault of the consumer but the fact that marketing has really […]

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Diluting Perfumery Materials

I get a lot of questions around the topic of how to dilute materials before use when making perfume and it came up again in the class I did last weekend so I thought I’d dedicate this weeks blog post to the topic. Why Dilute Perfume Materials and Essential Oils 1. Many materials are difficult […]

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Fragrance Formulation

How Do You Record Your Formulations? Do you make your own products or perfume? Are you a budding perfumer working on your own fragrances? If so how do you record your formulae? As I have a few weeks off from teaching classes I have been creating a lot of fragrances. I am working on my […]

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How To Use Smelling Strips {video}

Buy Smelling Strips HERE. Want to learn more? Why not come to a live perfumery class or study at home with my online perfumery course

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