7 Steps To Launching Your Perfume Brand

Creating a perfume is the first step but what happens whenyou want to start selling your creations? 20 years ago, it would have been a hugely costly businesswith most brands advertising on TV, billboards and glossy magazines – way outof the reach of small artisan companies. Thankfully now we have Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest plus […]

Creating Feelgood Fragrances

Today I was thinking about where this whole perfumery business fits into an increasingly uncertain world. It doesn’t matter where you look or what country you live in, there is some seriously unsettling stuff going on. At times like this, I’m often prone to thinking “what’s the point of writing about making perfume?” “Surely I […]

Brand Showcase – Jules & Vetiver

Interview with Katrina Sellers of Jules & Vetiver on her journey from beginner to perfumer. Katrina joined my Artisan Perfumery Mastermind last year and in this interview, she shares the journey of her brand launch. https://julesandvetiver.com/https://www.instagram.com/julesandvetiver/ For more information about the Artisan Perfumery Mastermind:https://karengilbert.info/artisan-perfumery-mastermind

Brand Showcase – Parfums Clandestins

Liz joined my Artisan Perfumery Mastermind A couple of years ago and in this interview, she shares her journey from beginner to perfumer on her way to launching her brand Parfums Clandestins. https://parfumsclandestins.com/ https://www.instagram.com/parfumsclandestins/ For more information about the Artisan Perfumery Mastermind: https://karengilbert.info/artisan-perfumery-mastermind

How I run “My Biz My Way”

My wonderful business coach, friend and colleague Judith Morgan is running a Blogfest to coincide with the launch of her book “Your Biz Your Way” and has invited a group of fellow entrepreneurs to contribute and share their stories. I jumped at the opportunity as she has been so instrumental in me discovering what my […]

The Curse Of The Creative Woman

One of the major issues I see with creative, competent, women is they often create businesses that start to feel like a chore (Sidenote: I’m sure this also applies to men too, but as a woman myself who works mainly with women I can only speak from the female perspective) At the opposite end of […]

Creating a perfume brand on a limited budget

I had an email a couple of weeks ago that is a common question I get asked. It went along the lines of “have a dream to create my own perfume brand but I can’t afford to pay for a course – where do I start with limited funds” This is such a difficult thing […]

Should You Make Your Own Perfume or Hire a Perfumer?

Today I want to share something that happened at the Artisan Perfumery Weekend which will hopefully give you the encouragement to get going and create your own fragrances. Sometimes we think we don’t know enough and it stops us from moving forward with confidence. One of the students on the weekend class (who is also a […]

I want to be a Perfumer – Getting into the Fragrance Industry

In today’s post I want to address the 3 questions I get asked the most. They are: “How do I get into the fragrance industry?” “I want to be a perfumer, where do I start?” “Will your course make me a qualified perfumer?” The answer to all of them is “it depends” so I’ll try […]

Perfumer Alberto Morillas

Alberto Morillas, perfumer for Firmenich and creator of many best sellers including CKOne takes us behind the scenes to share the process of an industry perfumer. Including a look at “the robo place” My job is to create dreams  – Alberto Morillas