Training Your Nose

When I tell people who don’t know me what I do the first thing they say is “you must have a really good nose” or “you must be really sensitive to smells” . If they have an interest in learning perfumery they ask “how do I train my nose” Anosmia aside, I do not believe […]

Should You Make Your Own Perfume or Hire a Perfumer?

Today I want to share something that happened at the Artisan Perfumery Weekend which will hopefully give you the encouragement to get going and create your own fragrances. Sometimes we think we don’t know enough and it stops us from moving forward with confidence. One of the students on the weekend class (who is also a […]

Smelling Strips

Smelling Strips, Blotters, Mouillettes Whatever you like to call them they are essential for anyone with a passion for perfume. They come in all shapes and sizes and varying qualitity, so which ones should you choose? Buy Smelling Strips Here If you are studying raw materials, evaluating fragrances or learning how to make perfume then […]