Are you on Facebook? If not and you are in business then you need to get on it right away. If you are and you get annoyed by it and think it is a waste of time then you are probably using it like a consumer rather than an entrepreneur.
You see Facebook can be a massive time waster and energy drain OR it can be an incredible tool for connecting with inspiring people and doing business.
mastermind group I spend a fair bit of time on Facebook – not scrolling through the news feed but interacting in Private Groups (where the interesting people hang out).

Many private groups are only open members of particular courses such as the one for my Online Perfumery Course but others are open to all and are great community hubs where you can network with like minded people, make new friends and business connections.

I have wanted to created a community group for ages but didn’t want it to just be about perfume as there is much more to what we all do than just that, so I’ve created the free Luxury Lifestyle Business Mastermind group for you.

If you are in business already or have dreams of doing so one day, then this is for you. Come along, join in, network, ask questions.
And just to be clear “Luxury” is different for everyone and doesn’t mean “expensive” or swanning around on yachts with champagne ;-)This group is for you if you want to provide high quality products, services and experiences or desire more of that in your life.
See you inside!



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