If you are booking one of our live workshops please read below carefully as booking your place means you agree to the following terms:

Booking Terms & Logistics

Live Practical Classes:
  • We have a very strict cancellation policy and this applies regardless of circumstance. It is vital that you understand this before you book. Any cancellations within 30 days of a live event are subject to a 100% charge.
  • If we have to cancel an event for any reason we will refund the cost in full. However, we cannot be held responsible for other costs – such as flights or any other incidentals and strongly recommend you have insurance in place to cover this.
  • We cannot be held liable for situations beyond our control, including (but not limited to) acts of war, acts of God, threats or acts of terrorism, civil unrest or unforeseen personal circumstances. We also can’t offer refunds for illness, flight delays or any other circumstances. Please make sure you have adequate insurance in place to cover for this.
  • Although this rarely happens (and never has so far) we reserve the right to alter the venue and date not less than 7 days before commencement of the course. We cannot be held responsible for other costs – such as flights or any other incidentals and strongly recommend you have insurance in place to cover this.
  • You are more than welcome to sell on your ticket to a third party if you are unable to make the class (please let us know via email).
  • If you have bought the event with a payment plan, it is essential that you make every payment on time. It is your responsibility to ensure that the funds are in place ahead of the payment being taken automatically. If they fail and we can’t get hold of you (if you sign up with an email address that fails, miss emails or fail to respond in a timely manner) we reserve the right to refund the payments so far and offer your place to someone else.
Online course and Classes:
  • Due to the nature of an online class all digital content is non refundable once you have logged in and accessed the material
  • Online training is self study and in order to get the best from the course it is important that you not only watch the videos but take action on the exercises and do the homework.
  • Some classes come with additional Q&A calls and we encourage everyone to show up and ask questions to get the most from the course

Copyright of Course Materials

  • All materials, content and other intellectual property in both live and online classes belong to Karen Gilbert (Online Perfume School Ltd | Fragrant Alchemy Ltd). Copying, adapting or reproducing it without permission is not allowed.


Cancellation Policy

Live Practical Classes:
  • Due to venue booking requirements, any cancellations within 30 days of the live event are subject to a 100% charge and we cannot refund your payment.
  • You are more than welcome to sell on your ticket to a third party if you are unable to make the class (please inform us via email)
Online Course and Classes:
  • You have the right to cancel your order and have a full refund within 14 days of booking unless you have logged in to the course.
  • Please note that once you have logged in online we are no longer able to offer you a refund.
Artisan Perfumery Mastermind:
  • Access to the Facebook support group and live Q&A calls is for 1 year from date of enrolment. There is an option to renew on a yearly basis for as long as you wish.
  • If you choose to renew your live Q&A calls and support group package, it will be billed yearly. We will send a reminder email 30 days before it expires and will automatically renew unless you request to cancel by emailing support@onlineperfumeschool.com

Installment Plans

In order to help spread the cost of training, we sometimes offer the option of a no-interest payment plan where you sign up to have a set amount deducted from your card each month. By agreeing to this and beginning the payments you are committing to paying all future installments until the balance is cleared. This is not a credit agreement or subscription service.

In the case of live classes, all payments must be made before commencement of the class.

For online classes, if for any reason your payments are not made then you will lose access to the entire course, including Facebook Group, until the whole balance is paid. You will not be entitled to a refund of any payments already made if you do not make further payments. Payments are taken automatically by our card processor each month and it is your responsibility to ensure you have enough funds or credit limit on your card to cover payments or to let us know if you foresee a problem.


Payment Failures

Our procedure for failed payment attempts is as follows:

Step 1 – In the event of a failed payment, we send you an email to notify you and ask you to rectify the account right away.

Step 2 – The system automatically attempts to re-try your card 5 more times (each 3 days apart).  After each failed attempt you will be notified via email.

Step 3 – If your account remains unpaid after 30 days, a £50 admin fee will be added to the account.

Step 4 – If an amount remains unpaid after 60 days, we refer the account to a 3rd party collections agency.  In that event you will be responsible for the full amount of any collection fees in addition to any other fees previously added to the account.



As a current or prior customer, each customer agrees to provide 30 days to attempt settlement of any billing dispute before disputing with any third-party credit/debit card company or bank. We must be the first option the event of a billing dispute. Should we receive a chargeback from a third-party credit/debit card company or bank on the customer’s behalf before we have been given a chance to resolve the issue, we have the right to collect on the rendered services and any fees associated with those disputes.

Regardless of the outcome of the chargeback, we retain the right to collect  on any fees that are due. We will submit any disputed amounts to a collection agency. Once a chargeback has been received, we will immediately suspend the account until the matter is resolved and we will assess a £250 processing fee for each chargeback.