Most of my classes and courses are virtual and online at www.onlineperfumeschool.com but I do run some live practical perfumery classes in The New Forest several times per year.  The 1 day Natural Perfumery class is suitable for beginners and as a “make your own perfume” experience day. For the more serious student I run an in depth 3 Day Artisan Perfumery Immersion. Once per year I also run a collaboration with Perfumersworld on their 5 Day Art & Technology of Perfumery.

All classes are suitable for beginners or more advanced students and they are designed to follow on from each other or as stand alone workshops. All my classes are very in depth with lots of industry insider tips as well as lots and lots of hands on practical experience.

Many students who have done classes with other teachers and are still stuck find that even after the 1 day class it all makes sense and falls into place.  I tend to tailor each day to the experience level of the group so each class is a unique experience.


The Artisan Perfumery 3 Day Immersion

A 3 day practical perfumery course that will take you from idea to finished fragrance. The perfect class for all budding Artisan Perfumers no matter what your experience level.

25th 26th & 27th MARCH 2020 10am-5pm each day BOOK HERE

22nd, 23rd & 24th JUNE 2020 10am-5pm each day BOOK HERE

All live classes take place at Karen’s Perfumery Studio In The New Forest
(7 miles south of the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury) The studio is 20 minute taxi ride from Salisbury station

The Natural Perfumery 1 Day Masterclass


In 2017 I retired my popular 1 day Natural Perfumery Masterclass to focus on my online perfumery training programme for artisan perfumers The Artisan Perfumery Mastermind. I had recently moved to the New Forest in the English countryside and was struggling to find a suitable venue for my live classes. PLUS I found that travelling to London with all my equipment was no longer practical.
But In September 2019 I found an amazing space
Here in the forest, surrounded by nature. A place I knew would be inspiring and creative for budding natural perfumers. A space where I could both teach AND create. A space that I could invite YOU to join me in. To smell, learn and create your own scents.



The Artisan Perfumery Mastermind – 14 week online course


This best selling online perfumery training has helped independent artisan perfumers worldwide to get started, become more confident in their perfumery skills and launch their own perfumes.

This course runs twice per year and is the only place to get my ongoing 1 to 1 help without becoming a private client



These two short masterclasses are perfect if you want to get started right away. If you are a complete beginner then I would suggest you take the Natural Perfumery Masterclass before the Creating Fragrance For Skincare course. They complement each other and are perfect if you are just dipping your toe in the water of creating professional perfumes. (there is a discount for booking both at once which is applied at checkout)

They are both self study and you can join and start anytime from your computer, IPad or even your Smartphone.

Bespoke Perfumery Virtual Masterclass (Online Class)

A virtual online masterclass for those who want to feel confident working with 1 to 1 or corporate clients creating bespoke perfumes. This is a business class and is suitable for those who have been learning perfumery or making fragrances for a while and need some help with the logistics of bespoke client work. We will not be covering actual perfume creation techniques on this class and it will be assumed you already have this knowledge or have done one of my other classes such as The Artisan Perfumery Mastermind or The Natural Perfumery Masterclass


Want a bespoke perfume class or training session?

The 1 and 3 day classes can be booked as private sessions for up to 12 people. If you would prefer something more bespoke, we can tailor an event to your requirements and it can be either a couple of hours or a full day. You will learn about the ingredients used in perfumery and get to make your own fragrance to take home with you from a vast range of raw materials either naturals only or both natural and synthetic. If you wish the event can be tailored to a specific theme – get in touch and let us know your requirements!

Are you organising a one off event or away day for your company or clients? A perfumery talk or interactive experience is a great way to engage your staff or say thank you.  Events can range from an hour to a full day depending on numbers and budget.  We can organise everything from a small group session to an evening event or a team building day – the choice is yours. Get in touch, tell us your ideas and we will put together a package for you.

Do you need a fragrance expert for your product launch or to provide expert comments for the press? If so get in touch. Karen has worked with a variety of PR companies for multinational brands in fine fragrance, home fragrance, beauty products, laundry care, as well as food and drink brands looking for help with sensory events.

Fragrance is all around us and many businesses will either use scent to enhance the customer experience even if they do not sell fragranced products themselves. I have trained thousands of people in many different aspects of fragrance and product development including retail sales staff, category managers and company directors. I have worked with companies of all sizes, from start ups to multi national corporations to develop both internal training or one off events for specific clients. A training package can be developed especially tailored to your or your clients needs and can range from a couple of hours to a whole week – it’s up to you. Get in touch, let me know a bit about your business, your requirements and I will do the rest.

Get In Touch HERE


I often get emails from prospective students saying “I want to take a perfume class, but I don’t know which one to choose”. It is often hard to advise without knowing your circumstances, experience level or what and why you want to learn about perfumery. This post aims to give you the ins and outs of the different perfume classes and courses I offer so you can pick the best option for you.

“I’m a Complete Beginner”

If you have read lots but never created a fragrance before then I would suggest you start with The Natural Perfumery Masterclass Online

This virtual masterclass is available all year round and will give you the basics you need to get going. You will get a resources list of materials to buy without spending a fortune and it will give you a system of training your nose, understanding fragrance families and creating accords. This class is for you if you want to dip your toe in the water but are not yet ready for the full Artisan Perfumery Mastermind which is a guided self study online programme.

“I Want To Make Natural Perfume For My Skin Care Products”

You might be a complete beginner or you may have created some fragrances for your products before.

If you:

  1. Want to delve deeper into perfumery and add some Eau de Parfum, Room Sprays or Scented candles to your product line then I would suggest  the Artisan Perfumery Mastermind then if you feel you need a bit more help with adapting your fragrances for different bases (we do go into this in module 6 of the course) you can always add on Creating Fragrances for Skincare Products at a later date.
  2.  Are not interested in becoming a perfumer and just want to make nice therapeutic scents for your face and body products then I would suggest The Natural Perfumery Masterclass Online plus Creating Fragrances for Skincare Products these 2 online masterclasses will give you everything you need in a short space of time without learning all the ins and outs of perfumery. (there is a discount for booking both at once)

I’ve Done Some Perfumery But I need Some Practical Help and Advice”

I do run live in person classes and private 1 to 1 days throughout the year. If you want to come to a live class there are currently 3 options

The Artisan Perfumery Immersion is for you if you want an in depth 3 day practical immersion into fragrance creation. It is a small group and we spend a whole day on the 3 most important areas of scent making which are 1. Materials Study 2. Accords Creation 3. Creating a fragrance to a brief. This class covers both naturals and synthetic materials and it is up to you which you choose to use. This class is suitable for all levels as it is mostly practical and the level of difficulty will be determined by you and what you choose to work on. The group size is small (max 12 people) which means lots of 1 to 1 help. This class is a great accompaniment to The Artisan Perfumery Mastermind

If you can’t come to a live UK class then don’t forget that the Artisan Perfumery Mastermind  comes with the bonus of a private Facebook group where I run live Q&A sessions. This is the only course I currently offer that comes with access to live help from me.

My 1 day Natural Perfumery Masterclass Live is available to be booked as a private individual or private group class by arrangement as well as class dates throughout the year HERE.

“I Have/Want To Start A Business Creating Fragrance To Sell”

There are many different places you can start with this depending on your time and budget. I do offer 1 to 1 consultancy but I would always suggest you start with either an online perfumery course or practical in person perfumery class.

Once a year I collaborate with Perfumersworld and offer their 5 day Art & Technology of Perfumery Workshop  course here in the UK .

This course is great for beginners and experienced perfumers alike and is attended by both industry professionals and complete novices. We do cover naturals materials on one of the days but the main focus is on commercial perfumery theory and practice with lots of opportunity to smell and work with aromachemicals. The group size for this class is usually around 24 people with 3 tutors.

If you are starting out and don’t have a huge budget for materials, packaging, product development and marketing but still want to create fragrances to sell I would suggest you start with creating bespoke fragrances 1 to 1 and sell higher end. This will give you the practice and the income to then put into a range when you are ready. You can sell a bespoke fragrance for a lot more than an off the shelf one and you don’t need to invest in the production of 100’s or 1,000 of units of packaging. If you want to do this then The Artisan Perfumery Immersion is for you.

In addition to the live classes most of the students in my Artisan Perfumery Mastermind group have fragrance businesses too and in module 6 we cover IFRA and selling regulations.

Below are snippets of a few of the lovely emails I’ve had from past students

Thank you SO much for the perfume workshop last Saturday! You are amazing! So knowledgeable and generous and such a wonderful lovely teacher all round! I had a great day and learn lots! Thank you for answering all my questions and especially info on the wild rose absolute! Fern

I just wanted to thank you for the workshop on Saturday. I feel I got a brilliant insight into the world of perfumery and am now left wanting to learn more…! Sally

A short note to say how much I enjoyed Saturday’s class and appreciated your immense energy and generosity in giving us oodles of valuable, fascinating info and insights into the world of perfumery. Liz

I just want to say thank you very much for the very inspiring class on Saturday! I loved it so much and I was very sad when it ended….
It was so lovely to see you too. You are such an amazing teacher!! Fumi

I would just like to tell you how much I enjoyed last Saturday’s Perfume Workshop. It was very interesting to hear more background information about the vast world of fragrance. Also, I realized I made several beginners’ mistakes (which I read about before, but still….), like when you have a particular brief, knowing which ingredients to use to accomplish making the fragrance you intended to make, and not something totally different… Practice practice…. It will be fun to explore the fragrance families and to recognize the differences and possibilities. Thank you for an interesting and inspirational day! It opened a whole new world of looking forward to learning so much more. Treeske

I would just like to thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish… and all smells in between! I will be recommending this to friends as I know they would enjoy it too, the venue, the other attendees your delivery and the content were all fabulous. Lastly I have to say that I love having my own personally created fragrance – and this is definitely something that I shall look into in more detail so thanks very much for the resource info. Once again thanks for an enjoyable and enriching day Cassie

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for such an inspirational day on Saturday. I found it absolutely brilliant and it really helped me to clarify my ideas. It is definitely the area I want to blend my business into and so I am really excited to have made that decision now and can move forward with it Melanie


Hi I'm Karen Gilbert
I love sharing what I know and have the unique background of having worked both inside the fragrance industry as well as inside the natural skincare industry since 1990. I have developed and delivered training for companies as well as my own students and built 2 profitable business both on and offline. I have no affiliation with any company and I will always be 100% transparent and truthful – no fluff guaranteed! Over the years I've trained a huge variety of people from all walks of life in fragrance creation. From buyers for huge brands, fragrance professionals, retail staff, bloggers, journalists, small business owners, aromatherapists, herbalists, fashion designers, artists, accountants and the odd neuroscientist - most were complete newbies to perfumery.

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