Creating Feelgood Fragrances

Today I was thinking about where this whole perfumery business fits into an increasingly uncertain world. It doesn’t matter where you look or what country you live in, there is some seriously unsettling stuff going on.

At times like this, I’m often prone to thinking “what’s the point of writing about making perfume?” “Surely I should be doing something more”

A few years ago I would have probably gone into some kind of existential crisis about it and not written for ages but that, I found, doesn’t help.

So what does?

Let’s go back to the root of why we love perfume so much.

Do we wear perfume to smell great or because we think it will make us more attractive. Do we really buy into the advertisements that say wear this perfume and you too will be running through palaces in designer gowns or driving a fast car through the desert?

No, we wear it because the smell makes us feel good. It may be due to a memory, in fact, is usually is. It’s unlikely that you will wear a perfume that you have had a negative association with – it’s not the way our brains work. Smell is of course inextricably linked with memories so we seek out those smells that recall happy times.

When we create a perfume it is always based on an idea or an impression. When I ask students at my classes what fragrance they would like to create it is almost always based on a memory.

So it really isn’t just about perfume but it is about a message. A message of feeling good. When we feel good we are happier, when we are happy we are kinder to others. When we are kinder to others those others feel good and in their feeling good the chain continues. So if you ever think this perfume lark is shallow or not really important enough then please remember that it only takes one person to start a ripple effect.

If you are tempted to give up because you think it’s not “worthy” enough then keep this in mind. We are all here to do our bit on the planet in whatever form that takes. Some people have the drive and the voice to create huge world change. Some have the platform to speak their truth and experience to millions, some to thousands and many of us now with the advent of social media are able to reach far more people than we will ever know.

What you choose to create is only the vehicle, what is really important is the message contained within it and that people receive it in a way that resonates with them.

Never ever underestimate the power of your story and message to touch the lives of others and create positive change even if it is contained within a fragrance.

For those of you who feel a bit daunted by putting yourself out there to the whole world, start with one person at a time. An individual bespoke fragrance can be a powerful pick me up or healing tool. In fact, the act of a one to one consultation alone – a space to be heard – can be a very powerful tool in helping someone to feel good.

If you need some help with the logistics of creating a bespoke perfume then head over to my Bespoke Perfumery Virtual Masterclass. It’s an online training where I will help you to get started with working with individual clients on custom scents.

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