bath bomb recipe class Had a great class at the Make Lounge last night making bath and body products which reminded me of the Easter Egg Bath Bombs workshop I did last year. I promised my students last night that I would put the recipe up  – so here it is…

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Easter Egg Bath Bomb Recipe


Or simply follow the bath bomb recipe below – Have Fun!

300g Sodium Bicarbonate
150g Citric Acid
60g Cornstarch
50ml spray bottle of Witch Hazel
¼ teaspoon power colour
20 drops of Essential Oil of your choice
6 egg shaped moulds

1.Weigh the Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid and Cornstarch into a bowl and mix thoroughly.

2.Add your powder colour, and blend into the mixture until there are no lumps. This is usually best done with your hands rubbing the mixture between your thumb and fingers as if you are making pastry.

3.Add your essential oil and do the same thing until the fragrance it totally blended in. You can wear latex (or non latex) gloves to protect your hands from the neat essential oils.

4.Take your spray bottle of Witch Hazel and spray the mixture 10 times whilst mixing with the other hand. Keep doing this until the mixture is the texture of damp sand . Be patient and add the witch hazel gradually, after each lot of sprays squeeze a handful of mixture and drop back into the bowl. When it holds its shape then it is ready to pack into moulds.

5.Take handful of mixture and pack tightly into each half of the mould, slightly overfill one half. Push the two halves together for 20 seconds and remove the top half. Dust off the excess back into the bowl and leave the egg to set. Repeat until you have filled all of the moulds.

6.You should now be able to remove the eggs from the other half of the moulds and place into an egg box to harden.

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