How Do You Record Your Formulations?

Do you make your own products or perfume? Are you a budding perfumer working on your own fragrances? If so how do you record your formulae?

As I have a few weeks off from teaching classes I have been creating a lot of fragrances. I am working on my plan for the upcoming 5 day perfumery masterclass in July in which we will be deconstructing a fragrance family a day and so I have been doing lots of modifications of specific fragrance types. I record all my modifications on a spreadsheet but while I’m working with raw materials I use a note pad for fear of spillages on the laptop. This of course leads to copious scribblings and papers everywhere. Being a minimalist at heart I loathe this kind of chaos.

Then I saw this video of perfumer Yann Vasnier talking about fragrance creation and thought Duh! Why don’t I just print out some copies of the spreadsheet I already use to write on! (Yann uses a similar sheet in the video)

You can also use this sheet to write product formulae too, not just perfume. Write your ingredients down the left hand side and then label the boxes along the top A, B,C etc to denote your modifications. (as in illustration on left) This means you can change quantities of raw materials in the mods without having to write the formula out again and file it in a ring binder.

You can download the pdf and print it yourself  HERE





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