Getting Started with Making Your Own Perfume

I’ve had a lot of questions recently from people wanted to just get started in making their own perfume at home using both an alcohol base and an oil base.  It reminded me that I wrote some blog posts three years ago which you may not have seen as they have been pushed way down the archive list!  So rather than a video this week it is easier to just give you the links below. 

Start Here:

How To Make Perfume – An Introduction

This article will give you a starting point for the things you need to learn to make perfume at home, whether you are looking to create a bespoke signature scent for yourself or to get startd with creating a perfume brand.


Start getting to know your materials.

You can read the article here: How To Make a Perfume – Getting To Know Your Materials and also a handy reference guide on where to buy materials can be downloaded by clicking the image here:

If you would like to start by making an oil based or a soild perfume there are a couple of useful articles here How To Make An Oil Based Perfume and here: How To Make A Solid Perfume

If you want to delve a bit deeper why not join one of my online or in person courses here:

Want to make your own perfume?

In the Create Your Own Perfume Starter Guide, you’re shown exactly where to buy the best perfumery materials & equipment PLUS the essential steps to get started with making your own scent.