How To Make A Lotion Bar – Recipe

I had a question this week from Annette asking for a body moisturiser for dry skin. She has found shea butter to be very effective but really wanted to mix it with something else.  This reminded me of a lotion bar tutorial I did a while ago for Videojug and I realised I hadn’t added it to the site yet.  A lotion bar is essentially a solid body butter that you can just rub on the skin – a bit like a Lush massage bar.  If you want to make a body butter in a jar I have another video tutorial HERE

Lotion bars smell great and are easy to make.

I prefer silicone moulds as it’s quite easy to get the bar out afterwards and the essential oils of your choice. Now, we’ll need 10 drops in total. And today, I’m going to use 5 drops of geranium and 5 drops of orange.

You’ll also need a glass bowl or jug and we’re going to melt it today in a pan of hot water. Step 1, we’re going to add the cocoa butter and the shea butter to your bowl or jug. And we’re going to just stand that into your pan of hot water.

And this may take a few minutes to melt so we’re just going to leave that on the hub to heat gently and to turn that down slightly. So, now the butters are completely melted, we’re going to remove from the heat, taking care you don’t burn yourself. The next step is to add to your essential oils.

So, we’re going to do 5 drops of geranium and then 5 drops of orange. And make sure the oils are completely mixed in. Give it a quick stir.

And then, we’re going to pour the mixture straight into the mould. And now, we’re going to just pop that into the fridge to set. I’ve just taken the lotion bar out of the fridge and it’s just nicely set.

So, we’re just going to remove that from the mould. The reason I like silicone moulds is because they come out really, really nice and easily. Just fold them back.

And there’s your finished lotion bar. Now, to use this, you would simply just massage into the skin. You can use it as a massage oil, or as a body moisturizer after a shower.

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