How To Make A Perfume Last Longer

How do I make a perfume that lasts longer?”

This is probably the number one question I get asked.

I wish there were a magic ingredient you could sprinkle into any perfume formulation to make it last all day.

But unfortunately, there isn’t.

Making a perfume with both diffusion and longevity is a balancing act and something that takes understanding your materials and lots of practice. If you are just using naturals, its even more challenging and downright impossible in many cases.

However, for those who are willing to explore outside the naturals realm there is help at hand.

The reality is perfumery is not either “Natural” or “Synthetic” – its usually varying degrees of both and you rarely have a commercial fragrance that is 100% synthetic. Commercial fragrances are often 95% aroma chemicals with a small percentage of naturals. Many niche and artisan fragrance houses use up to 50/50 naturals and synthetics


There is room for many other variables too. How about 95% naturals with 5% of selected synthetics to take it to the next level?

Perfectly possible!

Plus… there are many naturally derived isolates you can use to create a bit of space and lightness in often dense and heavy natural formulations if you don’t want to go for synthetics. If you want some help incorporating a few isolates or select synthetic aroma chemicals into your perfumes then check out my Exploring Aromachemicals Masterclass

My Exploring Aromachemicals Masterclass is going to help you create more diffusion, radiance, and longevity in your fragrances and add amazing special effects that are impossible with essential oils alone..

This class is for you if…

  • You have made some natural perfumes or accords and want to learn how to incorporate aromachemicals or natural isolates into your formulations.
  • You want to learn a bit more about synthetics before buying loads of materials you don’t know how to use
  • You need a visual demonstration so you don’t mess up and waste your materials.


Sign up HERE to access the 3 hour Exploring Aromachemicals Masterclass, along with these extras:

  • Materials resource guide (no second guessing what you need)
  • Downloadable workbook (to support the tutorial and write your formula to keep track of the fragrance composition that you love)
  • Diluting materials tutorial (because many materials come in a crystalline or solid form that’s hard to work with plus it prevents wastage)
  • The Formula Calculation Spreadsheet and Video (so you know exactly what ratios to use for scaling up your formula without any brain aching maths)


Obviously in a 3 hour class we won’t be able to cover everything so I am keeping it simple and will focus on the most useful materials to add to your naturals collection. The materials that do things your naturals can’t. I’ll also show you a few different ways they can be used in a formulation and we will expand on what we started in the Make A Natural Perfume Masterclass.

Hope you can join us

Karen x

p.s – If you already have this class and need extra support, do join us in The Artisan Perfumery Mastermind where we have regular live Q&A sessions plus extra bonus classes that include formulating with naturals and synthetics.

Want to make your own perfume?

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