How To Use Patchouli Essential Oil

How To Use Patchouli Essential Oil

Get a quick tip on how to treat oily or aging skin, the natural way, from Karen Gilbert, perfumery and natural beauty expert. In this video, Karen teaches you how to blend patchouli oil into a lovely facial mask.

Today, I’m going to show you how to use patchouli oil. The smell of patchouli oil usually creates a strong response in people. They either love it or they hate it.

Patchouli has really great antifungal and antiseptic properties and it’s really useful in treating both oily skin and aging skin. Today, I’m going to show you how to use patchouli oil with rose and geranium in a blend to create a rose and geranium and patchouli facial oil. For this, you’ll need 15 mL of jojoba oil, a 15 mL dropper bottle, some patchouli oil, some rose absolute and some geranium essential oil.

So, step one, measure your 15 mL of jojoba oil and pour into your dropper bottle. Step two is to add your essential oil blend. So, we’re going to start with patchouli and you need three drops of patchouli oil.

Do take care as some oils come out very, very quickly. Next, we add two drops of rose absolute. And, finally, I’m going to add three drops of geranium essential oil.

And then, we just simply place the cap on the bottle and then give it a good shake just to make sure the oils are nicely blended in. And then, your rose and patchouli facial oil is ready to use. Now, I’m just going to show Tamzin how to use this on her skin.

So, we’re just going to take it and all you need is a very, very tiny amount. So, just one drop there and one drop there, now, if you just rub that together, and then you can use that to massage gently on the skin. And this makes a lovely facial treatment after cleansing for both oily and aging skin.

And that’s how to use patchouli oil.

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