My Skincare Routine

People always ask me what products I use and “do I always make my own” – the honest anwer is no not always and not every product.

When it comes to skincare you may think I have loads of products I use but I’m a complete minimalist at heart and my philosophy for skincare is keep it simple.  I use a cleanser, moisturiser and an eye cream – and apart from make-up, that’s it!

cleansing balm

I always make my own cleanser as I have a formula I love and would never be without – it’s my absolute hero product.  Those of you who ever came to one of my skincare classes will know the one I mean as I taught this recipe as part of the class. The recipe is also in my book Natural Beauty on page 31

Moisturisers for me are a constant quest – I have oily skin that is also sensitive to essential oils and certain natural materials (I know right – gutted!). I feel lucky to have good skin now after horrible acne well into my twenties and don’t have as many lines as I probably should have for a woman in her 40’s (shh..) so I really want to keep it that way.  I like gel/creams with lots of hyaluronic acid and that are light on oils and help make up slide on nicely.  The one I’ve made that suits me best is this one and I do regularly try out commercial brands too – I really liked one that Decleor used to do but they have changed the formula 🙁

I don’t often use treatment products as poking around with it rarely makes things better but I do sometimes apply a layer of honey before getting in the bath or shower if its looking a little sluggish.

One product area I am REALLY fussy about is eye cream and I wouldn’t encourage you to make your own oil and water cream for use around the eyes unless you really know what you’re doing with preservatives and are able to microbe test your products.  If you are happy to use a light oil based serum like the one in my book, that’s fine but the minute you add water to a product formula – you must use a preservative and you must microbe test it’s effectiveness in the product.  I’m going to say that again YOU MUST USE A PRESERVATIVE. Water borne bacteria can cause blindness so please take notice of this and please ignore any recipes for creams and lotions that you find online that do not include a preservative as these (often well meaning) people do not know what they are talking about.  If you want to know more about this topic, I created a video HERE

OK, rant over…

My new favourite eye cream is this one created by  Nourish skincare, you can read my review HERE



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