Today’s post comes from The Refinery Hotel in NYC where me and the mister are on holiday for our 17th anniversary.  One of the things that really struck me about the first part of our USA adventure is branding and how, when a company gets it right it just adds a little extra something to the experience. We flew to the USA with Virgin Atlantic (the king of perfect branding has to be Mr B) and arrived at the hotel in a yellow NYC cab (of course). I chose The Refinery for it’s slight edginess, many 5 star hotels I came across were slightly stuffy and chinzy looking and I wanted quality and a bit of luxury but without feeling like I had to have Louis Vuitton luggage to fit in.  It didn’t disappoint (although I have to say that NYC is possibly the noisiest place ever & the hotel doesn’t have double glazing) and the branding is perfect from the font used on the “do not disturb” sign to the Le Labo amenities (did they know I was coming) and the choice of 1950’s swing and jazz in the low lit bar.


refinery1 refinery2 le labo



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