Perfume and Serial Killers

Its not often in the fragrance world that perfumers are allowed to take too many risks when creating a new fragrance but those bored rigid of the endless copycats must champ at the bit to work on projects for Thierry Mugler. I have loved his designs since I trained as a make up artists in the early 90’s at The London College Of Fashion. I used his motorbike bodice (the one in the George Micheal – Too Funky Video) as inspiration for my body painting assignment, where I recreated the whole thing on a naked model with body paint, mirror tiles and a can of gold hairspray. Wish I still had pics! Anyway I digress, my reason for mentioning Mugler is this find from The Perfumed Court which set my heart racing and reminded me how obsessed with perfume I am.

Thierry Mugler-Perfume The Story of a Murderer Coffret Sampler

Can’t believe I actually missed this when it came out in 2006 – (the coffret not the movie). Just goes to show how buried my head was in business at that time!

Hmm that reminds me – Dexter Season 5 starts this sunday on Showtime

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