One day beginners perfumery classes in London

1 Day Introduction to Perfumery

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This introductory workshop in perfumery will give you the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the history of perfumery and then work with a variety of materials to design your own fragrances.

perfumery classes uk You will have plenty of  hands on experience in blending and creating your own accords and finished fragrances.

All materials and equipment are provided and no previous experience is necessary. All you need is imagination and a love of perfumery.

I loved doing Karen Gilbert’s perfume class. Karen has brilliant knowledge from a previous career working with scent and how to combine them to create a personal perfume that no one else will have. Karen has a relaxed and friendly teaching style. There is nothing not to like about doing this course

Deborah – London

Topics Covered

By the end of this 1 day course you will:

What I loved about the workshop is that it was all hands on – from smelling classic perfumes, comparing different top, middle and base notes, to blending our own bespoke scents. Getting to smell oils and essences that I knew the names of but had never smelled individually – such as musk and ambergris – was fascinating.

Geraldine – Horsham, West Sussex

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Dates & Booking

Karen’s perfume class was lots of fun. She is very knowledgable and could answer all our questions. Karen has a very pleasant and easy teaching style and was good at keeping us all focused. We were able to all make our own solid and spray perfumes with Karen’s expert help on hand. What’s not to like. I have taken other classes with Karen and thoroughly recommend this class and all her classes – I had a wonderful time. Lynn P – London (Attended the 2 day artisan perfumery workshop)

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  1. Hi Anna, yes it is. Apologies for confusion I think I changed the name of it somewhere along the line and forgot to synchronize all pages.


  2. Hi! Bit confused-is the Introductory course to perfumary as described in detail on this page, the same thing as the Beginners Natural Perfumery Class? If not, which course is it as I can;t see one called this?
    Many Thanks,


  3. Hi Lucy

    I am not doing one in Feb or March as I have the 2 day and 5 day coming up but will probably
    put another on in May


  4. Hi Karen, I really want to do your one day course but can’t make the 19th of January. Will you be doing another one day in February or march?



  5. Hi Karen,
    Your course sounds great. Would it be suitable for a 14 year old, who loves fragrance more than clothes!
    Best wishes,

  6. Hi Megan
    I am currently working on an online course which I hope should be launched by the end of this year.

  7. Hi Karen,

    Do you teach classes online? I live in the United States and would love to take one of your classes.

  8. Hi Amanda
    Yes places are still available for September. I do work with clients privately for classes and fragrance creation. I will email you separately.

  9. Hi
    I am interested in joining your one day course in September, are there any spaces left? Also, do you work on a private basis with clients (classes or blending) and if so how?
    Thanks a lot!

  10. Casim
    Please see my reply to your previous comment. There will not a 5 day course in November but I do have a weekend course in October – HERE

  11. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for getting back to me. The dates in October may be a little late as I will need to get back, but I have just seen that you have the one day course on 22nd September. Are there places available there? If so I will probably book that as a start!

  12. Hi Jackie
    I have a date for the weekend perfumery class in October 20th & 21st
    Hope you can make it

  13. Hi Karen,

    If you are planning a 2 day course in October, do you have tentative dates. I would really like to do one of your courses, but live in Tanzania. I will be in the UK Sept-October and if I can fit in a course, that would be fantastic. I have not yet confirmed my flights, so if you have dates, I could see if I can work around them. Look forward to hearing from you.

  14. Hi Marie
    Yes I am just working out dates at the moment. The 2 and 5 day are quite different but complimentary, I only plan to run a couple of the 5 days per year, so next one will probably be January. I am looking at October for a 2 day.

  15. Hi Karen
    Really excited when I found you but sad that unable to attend your 5 day intensive course do to clashes! Are you putting up further dates. Also would love to attend your 2 day artisan course. I have done a one day introductory with some one else and am starting to experiment at home – but would love to learn more.

  16. Hi Seema

    Yes I will be running one in July, the date should be confirmed next week


  17. Hi, I’m not able to make this workshop in May, will you be running any further ones this year?

  18. Hi Jacalyn
    As we are now running the class at Imperial College I can fit in another 2 places, so please feel free to book. The artisan weekend is something I run at Trill Farm once a year. It is very similar to the one day but with a lot more time for practical work.

  19. Hi Karen, I noted that you said to someone last week that there was only one space left, so I am assuming this has been taken up. Could you advise me if you will be putting on another Beginners course in Perfumery this year, if so when etc. I would like to book up and get onboard asap.

    Could you also explain the 2 day artisan class you hold, or direct me to information you have on this please.

    Many thanks

  20. Good Afternoon Karen,

    Are there any seats left on the 19th May 2012 Beginners Perfumery Beginners ?


  21. Hi Heidi
    The Neal’s Yard class is similar to my beginner’s class but with slightly less materials to choose from as we mostly use the organic oils that NYR sell plus some absolutes. There are some materials such as sandalwood that I am not able to use for their class that I do include in my beginners class. I hope that helps.

  22. Hi Karen,

    Me again (thanks for the last reply). I’m still trying to decide on dates etc for this and noticed your latest posting about the naturals class at Neal’s yard. Could you explain to a clueless novice what the essential difference is between this and your regular beginners class?

    Thank you!


  23. Hi Heidi Yes it is possible to create masculine fragrances during the class, coming with a partner is a great idea. The bottle of fragrance you will get to take away is 30mls
    Regards Karen

  24. Hi Karen,

    Your course looks very interesting. I have a couple of questions though: possibly a naive one, but do you have scents to create a masculine fragrance (I’m thinking of coming along with my partner), and secondly, what volume of fragrance do we get to take away at the end of the day?

    Thanks and best wishes,

  25. Hi karen,

    Trying to find a telephone number to contact you for a telephone interview for radio and can’t find a telphone number on your website. Please urgently advise.

  26. Thanks for booking Melissa, I look forward to seeing you in January. When launching a cosmetic product range, the main issue to contend with is legal requirements and regulations. These do change fairly often, so I imagine a book on the subject would go out of date quickly. Aromantic run a course in London on compliance so that might be worth a look as it is run by someone who works in that area and will have all the up to date info.

  27. Thanks Karen, I’m sold!
    If you do have a flash of inspiration on further reading please do let me know.

  28. Hi Melissa
    The one day workshop will cover all aspects of perfumery at an introductory level and although we will make an alcohol based perfume spray on the day the theory of creating a fragrance can be applied to any product type you wish to make in the future. The theory of construction is the same but the level of fragrance and type of ingredients used may vary slightly depending on the product. We can definitely go over this on the day. I have people from a variety of backgrounds at the classes including aromatherapists and people making and selling their own natural products so I think it would be a good starting point for you. Re books, nothing immediately springs to mind but I will have a think and drop you an email.


  29. Hi Karen,

    Your one day workshop in Jan looks incredibly interesting. I am keen to develop fragrances that translate to oil and salt based products. While I am experimenting with the rules of aromatherapy would this workshop open up a new range of fragrances that could work too? I’m also interested in the levels of intensity of scent, a lot of products are heavily scented, will you be guiding us on industry standards?

    Final random request, could you recommend any business books about launching a natural product range? I am a marketeer by trade but have never worked in the product sector, just publishing and TV. Any pointers gratefully received.

    Thanks and best,

  30. Hi Annette
    I am not taking on any bespoke work until 2012 as I am to busy with my book and classes to give any creative fragrance work my full attention. Please send me an email to with your requirements as I have a few contacts who will be able to help.

  31. Hi Karen

    It sounds wonderful to have a natural personal perfume scent. I am looking for a perfume designer who can blend a perfume which reflects my personality, an interpretation of my personality, so it is not about me learning to blend scents. An expert who can read other people and interpret the impression into a perfume. Can you do that or do you know anybody who is an expert in that? I have been looking for your phone number but cannot see it on the website. I hope you can help.

    Many thanks Annette

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