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The Cost Of Perfume Part 3 – Marketing

In part 1 of this series about the costs that go into creating a perfume we looked at the ingredients and in part 2 we looked at packaging. Today I’m going to delve into something that is a huge chunk of “where the money goes” for most large brands but can also be true for […]

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The Cost Of Perfume Part 2 – Packaging

In today’s look at what contributes to the price of a fragrance, niche or otherwise I’m going to talk about: Packaging In an industry that has thousands of new launches a year it can be difficult for a brand to be heard above the noise of those with the biggest budgets and the most outrageous […]

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The Cost of Perfume Part 1 – Ingredients

A question that’s come up a few times this week is how much of the cost of a perfume relates to the fragrance itself and does more expensive equal better quality.  Does a niche fragrance cost more because the ingredients are better quality or is it just hype? There is no easy answer to this as […]

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How To Create a Signature Fragrance

How To Create a Signature Fragrance

  Today’s question comes from Maureen – she asked: “How do I go about creating a signature fragrance for my product line” This is something I get asked a lot from people who want to learn perfumery to create fragrances for their own business. There are two routes that you can go down; one is […]

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