The Cost Of Perfume Part 2 – Packaging

In today’s look at what contributes to the price of a fragrance, niche or otherwise I’m going to talk about: Packaging In an industry that has thousands of new launches a year it can be difficult for a brand to be heard above the noise of those with the biggest budgets and the most outrageous […]

The Cost of Perfume Part 1 – Ingredients

A question that’s come up a few times this week is how much of the cost of a perfume relates to the fragrance itself and does more expensive equal better quality.  Does a niche fragrance cost more because the ingredients are better quality or is it just hype? There is no easy answer to this as […]

Perfumersworld Thailand Course Review

A Review of Perfumersworld Foundation & Professional Level Workshops If you’ve ever looked on Google for perfumery classes or suppliers of aroma chemicals in small quantities, then you’ll no doubt have come across Perfumersworld in Thailand. The chances are that you’ll have looked at the website, which is a little difficult to navigate, and thought […]

Perfumery – Covent Garden to Birmingham

I have just recovered from an intensive 2 days whizzing around the country teaching and talking perfumery. I always forget how much talking for 2 days solid strains your voice, I really must remember to drink more water! Saturday was in Covent Garden at the training centre of Neal’s Yard Remedies where I had 13 […]