10 Recommended Perfume Books

I got a question on Periscope last week asking for perfumery book recommendations for beginners. It’s something I talk about in my live classes and always bring a selection along but have never written a post about. I did do a scope on Monday sharing my favourites but as scopes are only up for 24hrs […]

How To Make An Oil Based Perfume

Take a clean glass beaker or shot glass and add 10ml jojoba or fractionated coconut oil. Add your aromatic materials starting with the base notes and working up to the top notes. As you add each material swirl it in the oil so it blends, smelling as you go. Record your formula as you you […]

How To Make a Perfume – Getting To Know Your Materials

The aromatic materials used to make perfume are categorised by the way they last in the air and on skin. The oils and materials that last the longest are called base notes and generally make up 40-55% of the blend. These are the notes that last longest on the skin as they are the least […]

Luca Turin – The Science Of Scent

Turin is the author of the book The Secret of Scent (2006), which details the history and science of his theory of olfaction, and an acclaimed critical guide to perfume, Parfums: Le Guide, with two editions published in French in 1992 and 1994. He is also the subject of the 2002 book The Emperor of […]