I loved doing Karen Gilbert’s perfume class. Karen has brilliant knowledge from a previous career working with scent and how to combine them to create a personal perfume that no one else will have. Karen has a relaxed and friendly teaching style. There is nothing not to like about doing this course.
Deborah – London www.deborahgreenacupuncture.com


I was in awe with Karen’s knowledge and her research into perfumery. It was such a great day, she gave us all individual support and was very patient with answering all our questions.
Mia – Estellana read whole review


The class was very structured and a lot of fun. Karen has a wealth of knowledge about perfumery and a vast experience in hands-on training, the perfect recipe for an outstanding practical workshop. The best part is that you make your own natural perfume!!!
Andrea – Skin Bistro read whole review


What I loved about the workshop is that it was all hands on – from smelling classic perfumes, comparing different top, middle and base notes, to blending our own bespoke scents. Getting to smell oils and essences that I knew the names of but had never smelled individually – such as musk and ambergris – was fascinating.
Geraldine – Horsham, West Sussex



“As someone who has been disappointed by natural beauty books in the past, I have to say that I love everything about it.  This book shows you how to make your own base lotions, creams and gel which is something that I have not come across before and elevates the book above other similar titles”

Lisa Margreet Payne for UK Handmade Read full review

I received this book today, so I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet. It is a lovely book. Really nice recipes. Gives advice on how to tailor recipes to suit your skin type and personal preferences. Very easy to follow, directions are given step by step with clear photographs to illustrate each step. I would recommend this book to anyone, whether they have previous experience or not (I don’t).I can’t wait to make some of the products for myself and to give as gifts.

“The book is really well laid out, with clear instructions and photos in the step-by-step guides. The book also has a great section at the beginning to introduce you to making your own products, with information on ingredients and different methods/formulas. As a bonus, the photography is beautiful.”


This is the best book I have found for simple homemade body and face product recipes. As a newbie this book has converted me to the simple, natural and effective products that can be made at home in no time at all. I have to say I prefer the oil cleansers and face oils. The body bars are great too. They last for ages and they work as effectively, if not more effectively than expensive shop bought ones. I have made gifts for others and they have all been surprised that I actually made them. The initial outlay is expensive when buying the ingredients but certainly less expensive in the long run with the added advantage that you know exactly what is in it. I highly recommend this book as I have found others in the library that are over loaded with non essential information and unclear recipes. I like the advice in each recipe towards what to add or take away depending on skin type. You can adapt essential oils to suit skin type, scent preference or omit it altogether. I hope there is ‘a green guide to natural beauty 2’ in the pipeline.

Lunareef – Amazon.co.uk

Loads of recipes, step by step photos. beautifully presented, one of the best books around in my opinion a joy to use.

Julia White – Amazon.co.uk

The best book I have on this subject with very clear guidance on equipment, ingredients and safety. So far I have made the rose and red clay cleanser, the jojoba and macadamia cleansing oil, the argan eye serum, the lavendar and clary sage bath bombs, the bath melts, the rosehip treatment balm, the cocoa butter lipbalm sticks, the geranium and orange massage bars and the dead sea detox bath salts. All the recipes have been a HUGE success, even the lip balm sticks which I was not convinced I would manage to get into the tubes. The cleansers, eye serum and rosehip balm are outstanding – way better than my current (very expensive and natural) products and I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin in the short time I have been using them. There is still a long list of products to make from this book, I just haven’t worked my way through them all yet. I am delighted with this purchase and cannot wait for Karen Gilbert’s perfume book to be published in the autumn.

Wensleydale – Amazon.co.uk

I love this book so much! It’s great for starting out doing your own skin products. The book has a great introduction taking you through various ingredients and at the back some great links to websites where you can buy what you need. Lot’s of great recipes. I highly recommend it. If the amazing photos in this book doesn’t inspire you, nothing does!

Ibbi – Amazon.co.uk

This is a really well laid out book with different sections on types of products, and delicious photography. Loads of recipes! It also covers details on many of the preservatives available to purchase, and to some degree, their effectiveness as well as suitablility. It would be interesting to see how someone like the Ethical Consumer Magazine rates these preservatives to help me in choosing them. It covers homemade ingredients from the pantry and recommeded shelf lifes. The suppliers list is really useful as it outlines what their strong point is or unique selling point. A thoroughly enjoyable reference book. Really useful for running my craft classes. Super, thanks!

Arty Fairy – Amazon.co.uk

I make my own skincare and there is a distinct lack of books that offer proper recipes. This is a Great book, good selection of recipes that are easy to follow. Definitely recommend

Julie A Elder – Amazon.co.uk

I own many books on this subject and this is definatley going to be in my top 5, Fantastically written and with beautiful step by step photography,this book also talks about the importance of using the right preservatives. I would definatley recomend purchasing this book if you are looking into creating your own skincare products

Violet M – Amazon.co.uk