The Curse Of The Creative Woman

One of the major issues I see with creative, competent, women is they often create businesses that start to feel like a chore (Sidenote: I’m sure this also applies to men too, but as a woman myself who works mainly with women I can only speak from the female perspective)

At the opposite end of the spectrum I see the same creative competent women never get started and stay in planning mode forever.

Both come down to fear – fear of missing the boat and fear of what others might think.

Often these two things can inhabit the same brain at different times. I get it, I’ve been there too.

Today I’m going to talk about the first.

We have a great idea and before we even realise it, we’ve manifested a business out of thin air. We have the website, the branding, the product and possibly the premises. We draw in the customers and clients and build a following. People rave about our product or service and we start to believe our own hype.

Then one day we wake up from our autopilot and realise it’s not it. Something feels wrong. We have all this and we should feel grateful but we’re not happy. It all feels blah. A struggle and a chore. We feel out of alignment. We feel lost and realise we’ve created a monster. A trap of our own divising that we can’t escape from.

Then things start to go wrong, we leap into action again and start firefighting. We get stuck in a loop. So we start looking for outside help. Maybe there’s a piece we are missing. Maybe we need to do something different with our marketing. Build a new opt-in, funnel, webinar campaign. Perhaps we need to create a new product, target a different audience.

We start to look at what others are doing. Perhaps we should do that too. They seem to be having all the success right? We then get sucked into comparing and not measuring up. Not feeling good enough.

Over the 14 years I’ve been in business there is not one of these scenarios that has not come up for me and I know that one or all will have come up for you too.

Just because you CAN do something it doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Just because you have and IDEA it doesn’t mean you should ACT on it.

Just because your business is SUCCESSFUL it doesn’t mean it is RIGHT for you.

There are are some fundamental principles that I live and create by these days that are not often taught in business but should be. I’m going to be sharing them with a small group of female entrepreneurs this Summer Solstice.

If you are already in business and feeling a bit stuck OR if you haven’t started yet but want to do it the right way then come join me HERE

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