Valentines Day Love Potion

Happy Valentines Day!

The fact that it’s Valentines day got me thinking about a little business I had way back when I was just starting to get to grips with the internet – I know,  romantic huh! Actually it was also the fact that I was looking through some old notebooks for simple fragrance formulae that worked well in an oil base for the new perfumery book that I’m working on.

I managed to find an image of one of the original kits on

It was 2003 and I think there was a trend for all things witchy. Harry Potter mania was going strong & I decided to put together some cute little spell kits which contained a candle, a crystal, some perfume oil and a spell.  I wanted to make them quite fun so gave them names like “Get Over It” for the love spell and “All You Need Is…” for the perfumed oil that went with it.  There were other kits too but the love spell & potion was the most popular.  The idea behind the spell kits was the old adage of sell them what they want & give them what they need which in this case was that although people (women mostly) were looking for a partner I provided them with a little meditation ritual for self love which is the first thing you should focus on before even thinking about stepping into a new relationship.  I got lots of lovely messages from people who said it had really helped them to feel better and everyone really loved the perfumed oil blend.

So the point to all this is that whether you are alone or already with someone special this valentines day don’t forget to give yourself a little TLC too and if you want to annoint yourself with a little love potion then here’s the original recipe:

3 drops of Rose Absolute or Rose Otto
2 drops of Patchouli Oil
2 drops of Sandalwood Oil
5 drops of Vanilla Absolute

Add the above oils to 10ml of fractionated coconut oil in a dark glass bottle


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