Weekend Artisan Perfumery Class

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This weekend workshop in artisan perfumery will give you the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of how a fragrance is created using both natural and synthetic materials.

You will have plenty of hands on experience and have the opportunity to create your own fragrance using the materials provided. This class can be attended as a follow on from the Introduction to Perfumery Class or as a stand alone workshop

All materials and equipment are provided and no previous experience is necessary. All you need is imagination and a love of perfumery.

artisan perfumery

Topics Covered

By the end of this 2 day course you will have:

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During this class we will have plenty of time to study many natural and synthetic raw materials used in perfumery today. To get the most from this weekend you may wish to attend the Introduction To Perfumery one day first but it is not necessary. Due to the diverse nature of students that attend my classes they often vary each time I teach, depending on the group’s needs and although the classes are always very structured there is always time to include individual questions and goals.

Karen Gilbert Perfume Course This class runs over two days to enable as much practical work as possible without it feeling rushed. We will be using a lot more materials than in the one day class and the introduction of synthetic materials will enable you to create a much wider range of fragrances than using naturals alone. If you already attended classes but wish to experiment with more materials or work on a specific project then this class will also be ideal for you.

It is possible that there may be a material that you particularly want to use – please let me know at the time of booking and I will do my best to bring it along.

Dates & Booking

15 Responses

  1. Hi Tina

    Class is at The Mary Ward Centre near Holborn/Russell Square so any London airport should be fine


  2. Hi Karen I am really interested in signing up for your 2 day course in February and I just wanted to see if you have a location confirmed yet ? I will be coming from Ireland so I just wanted to what airport I should fly to and also check out some bear by accommodation. Many thanks. Tina

  3. hello karen i would like to know were do you give your class .and how much you charge for it.please reply to me .
    happy new year to you ,,

  4. Hi Karen, please advise if you have any dates yet for weekend Artisan Perfumery Course in 2013?
    Thanks Alison

  5. Hi Mia
    Yes that’s fine! It is ok for all levels as long as you are familiar with basic fragrance categories. Even if you are not you will pick it up quickly. I called it Intermediate to differentiate from my beginners class but will probably change the name in future as they are both for all levels but one is naturals only and the Intermediate also includes aromachemicals too.

  6. Can I join your class on sunday even if I havn´t done any perfume courses before? I would love to come.

  7. Hi Christa, congratulations – I hope all goes well! Best bet is to sign up on the mailing list and you will be the first to know about any new dates.

  8. This class sounds brilliant – I would have loved to book it, unfortunately I’m due to have a baby any day so have to miss out! I really hope there will be another one – just wanted to register my interest as I would definately like to attend this class should there be another one held later in the year.

  9. Hi Freddie
    Sorry for late response, I am out of the UK at present and missed the message. Don’t worry about missing the beginners class. I am sure you will be fine!
    I look forward to meeting you soon

  10. Hi Karen.
    Unfortunately I was unaware of the beginner course last month, but I’ve just booked for Intermediate which I feel I’ll be able to keep up with. I’m really looking forward to being properly introduced to the world of aromachemicals and as you say, the building blocks of perfumery.
    I’ve never been on a course like this before so will be very excited to meet likeminded people and be inspired!
    See you next month, regards,

  11. Hi Natasha, thats such a shame you are away. This class is a one off at present in association with the Meet Up group Perfume Lovers London that Lila runs. I’ll see how popular this one is and if we sell out I will put another on later in the year.

  12. Hi Karen, this course looks fab, I just did your introduction to perfumery a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I’m away for this one – can you let me know when you have another intermediate class coming up? Thanks

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