How’s your week going?

Mine’s going well except I have a confession – I haven’t written the blog post I said I was going to. Part 5 of my series “The Cost Of Perfume” just hasn’t happened and here’s why.

multitasking_rounded2-300x181 Do you ever have those weeks where you think you’ve been really productive but instead you’ve just been “busy”. I used to pride myself on the fact that I could multi task and still be really efficient but actually I was really just kidding myself and I decided that I would stop doing that and just focus on one thing at a time and 1 or 2 important tasks per day.  It really works and you get a much better sense of achievement. Instead of loads of little half done things you can start to see progress.

Well I didn’t do that today – or at all this week. I slipped back into my old habits. What we don’t realise is that if we get distracted by emails or facebook or telephone calls it takes a big shift in energy to get that focus back and for me anyway sitting down to write a blog post or and article or a newsletter takes a lot of concentration and focus.  Whizzing off an email is easy, and I tend to answer emails immediately as if I don’t they get lost in the depths of my inbox never to be found again. Also interesting facebook discussions (I’m in a fair few private facebook groups – including my own online perfumery one) are a great distraction from the often difficult task of writing a blog post. So I just think “I’ll just answer this email” and then you look up and hours have gone by – it’s kind of like doing the washing up or cleaning the house when you really should be doing your tax return. The procrastination monster – we all get it!

What I should have done this week is given myself a break and just focused on one thing which is tonight’s live webinar rather than promising a blog post too and being annoyed at myself when it didn’t happen. Putting together all the bits and pieces took far longer than I thought it would. If you have already registered I’ll see you at 7pm (GMT) If you haven’t and want to then click the link HERE (it will be recorded so you can register anyway even if you can’t attend live). As well as an hour of content that you can take away and use right now and a live Q&A I’ll also be showing you inside the online perfumery course and sharing a special bonus that I’m offering tonight only.

P.s A great article on the very subject of multi tasking from my personal coach here



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