What you can learn from Taylor’s “Swiftmas”
To create an authentic relationship with your customers
and create raving fans for your brand


Before October 2014 I had never heard a Taylor Swift song, seen an interview with her or actually even considered her in in way shape or form. All I really knew about her was that she had a fairly successful celebrity perfume line. If you had told me that one of the first things I blogged about was the fabulousness of Taylor Swift I would have laughed in your face yet here we are.

At first became aware of “Shake it Off” and thought it was catchy with a good sentiment of positivity, then I saw her interviewed and thought she seemed like a pretty cool down to earth young woman who handled celebrity far better than many twice her age.

Then Yesterday I saw her video giving Christmas gifts to her fans and not only did it bring a tear to my eye but it illustrated the exact thing I had been talking about on New Year’s Eve to my Facebook Group members.

The post to my Facebook Group addressed concerns over how impersonal online marketing can be and how we need to get back to real conversation.

facebook NYE1

I’ve done bricks and mortar retail my whole life and there is so much to be learned in that environment that online business coaches don’t know or teach (But apparently Taylor Swift does).

Cultivating loyal customers is a longer game that many people today are not willing to play – they want quick sales with no effort.

We have so many customers in my retail business that have been with us since their teens and now bring their own kids in as we had the time to stop and chat and be helpful.

We gave them a place to hang out, that felt like a community they belonged in regardless of a purchase.  It has been the same in my perfumery teaching business, answering emails personally and being helpful online in Facebook groups and Twitter regardless of the person being a paying client.

Of course Taylor has her haters saying it’s all a publicity stunt but honestly can you imagine the lifelong impact this has had on the recipients of the gifts? It creates an experience where they feel loved and valued as fans which makes them fiercely loyal.

This is what building a brand is all about

It is not a quick buck or an instant sale it is about connection.

It is about getting to know your customers or prospective customers and really talking to them.

Your brand or business is NOT about YOU it is about THEM.

It is not about creating a product and finding someone to sell it to but is about attracting and serving your followers, fans, tribe (whatever your word of choice) by being real, by being you and sharing your gifts and talents with the people who feel inspired by you and connected to you.

It is about creating genuine long term relationships.

Business relationships are exactly like personal relationships and we forget that.

You wouldn’t go up to someone in a bar and ask them to marry you so don’t do the business equivalent.

Strike up conversation, find out what they like, propose the business equivalent of going for a coffee, then a date before going for the sale.

Let’s make 2015 the year of authentic business success. 

If this all sounds a bit new and you don’t know where to start I have put together a (free) 7 day challenge where I will walk you through the exact steps to cultivate genuine relationships with current and potential customers.

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