You can make your own perfume

Do you ever get that feeling when you are full of ideas and creative energy but you get stuck because you have some bits of knowledge missing? 

You know how you want it to be but no matter how hard you try you just can’t get it to work.

It’s frustrating, I know! I have it pretty much every week when I sit down to write a blog post and I just can’t get the images to sit nicely in the text the way I want. It makes me pull my hair out and in the end I just email my assistant and ask her to fix it.

It made me think though, about what it would be like to have a great idea for a perfume but I just didn’t know how to put the bits together so it smelled just how I wanted it to.

That’s how I used to feel when I just started out, trying to blend essential oils together from aromatherapy books trying to make them smell like perfume.

Over the years I gathered the knowledge from working in the industry and from the training my jobs provided. Of course along with lots of trial and error too.

Back then I wish the information was as readily available as it is today and I could have just done a class to get going without having to wade through all the misinformation.

The industry does a great job of convincing you that perfumery is the domain of the great noses born into the Grasse tradition or who have been hand picked by the big perfume schools in Paris but it’s just not true.

I know how hard it is when you don’t have all the pieces of knowledge to allow your creative juices to flow. You start to believe “perhaps I don’t have what it takes”

Trust me on this – once you get it, it’s like a light bulb has been switched on – you don’t need a chemistry degree to make great perfume.

You can train your nose and become a perfumer without being born into it or having a chemistry degree. 

It takes work and dedication but with the right tools and guidance you can create your own fragrances for fun or profit.

The industry is changing and consumers are tired of the generic fragrances being churned out by big corporations – now is the time of the artisan who intuitively creates from their heart. 

Sometimes we know what we want to create but we get stuck because there are pieces of knowledge missing. 

Fill in those gaps and have a structure to fall back on and you can create anything with ease

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Want to make your own perfume?

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